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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Some Tricks Body Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic. When applied to the acne, it kills bacteria and dries out the pimples without being too harsh on your skin. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you can also mix it in with some olive oil and then apply it to your acne. Just ensure that you are not applying the oil all over your skin, rather you are spot treating the pimples.

Green Tea Rinse

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. Apart from its gazillion other benefits. It can help you treat acne easily and effectively. Drinking 2 cups of green tea a day will help reduce inflammation in the body which will eventually lead to minimized acne. You can also use green tea as a toner for the regions which break out the most. Just prepare some green tea and store it in a spray bottle. Every time after you shower, spray it all over your body.

Baking Soda Scrub

This scrub is potent so you need to ensure that you are not using it more than once a week. It contains a high concentration of alkaline and can be too rough for your skin if used excessively. Mix two tbsp. of baking soda with water until it forms a thick paste. Apply it to the areas affected by acne and gently scrub away the dirt and dead skin cells. Make sure to use a light hand when doing this.

Honey and Turmeric Mask

Honey moisturizes the skin and turmeric helps with controlled sebum production, brightens the skin and prevents scarring. Take 2 tbsp. of honey and a tsp. of turmeric. Mix the two together and apply it to your skin. Let it sit there for about 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice a week. Note that if these natural remedies didn’t work for you, you can always resort to professional acne treatments.

Milk of Magnesia

Did you know that milk of magnesia could cure body acne? Simply dab milk of magnesia on your acne daily. It will help balance the pH of your body, unclog the pores and reveal a clear looking skin within a few weeks.


You have probably heard of it before gazillion time. Yes, you have guessed it right. I am talking about the famous aspirin mask. Simply mix in a non-coated aspirin tablet with some water and apply it on your acne. Let it dry and wash off. Now, this is not something that you should be doing regularly but it works really well in an emergency.

Information of Upcoming Spa Trends

Infusion of zest for life

Whacky teenagers and growing adolescents need to be educated about healthful food, fitness, exercise and alternate medicine. Indulging them in a spa treatment could well trigger off the inception of a healthy lifestyle that would take them a long way. Hence parents pamper their kids with a spa experience.

Hospital spas

A hospital, after all, is a treatment centre. Integrating the alternative therapies of spas with the conventional allopathic treatments can speed up recovery in patients. Reasonable, quick spa treatments offered at the bedside of a patient initiate the patient towards better health, by relieving stress and raising spirits. Reflexology techniques used in the massage of particular parts heal specific areas of the deteriorating body. Manicures and pedicures making use of healing creams along with bedside hair wash and styling, and makeup application make the patient feel pampered and wanted. But having said this, it is necessary to keep the costs at a bare minimum to make these treatments affordable to patients.

Theme spas

People are preferring themes in almost everything that they indulge in. Be it parks, gardens or parties, theme is the way to go. So why not theme spas? Themed venues allow consumers to forget everyday worries and indulge themselves. This trend definitely cannot be overlooked.

Resort spas or retreat spas.

Destination spas are not new. For long, they have been conducting special week-wise seminars in various wellness categories such as yoga, ayurveda, special medical conditions such as arthritis etc. More resort spas will come up to cater to clients who need a getaway or a short break form everyday life. This trend will continue to garner support from patrons.

Fusion Spas

Spas that offer a mélange of trusted treatments are the next big thing. Some fusion treatments that have already found their way into spas are watsu (water and shiatsu), yogalates (yoga and pilates), and Thai massage (yoga and massage). Experts are expected to come up with a blend of more such treatments to enable clients reap benefits of all of them together.

Genuine spas

Spas that are deeply rooted in the local culture and traditions will see increased clients. Like Indian spas that offer authentic oil or herbal massages that have been practiced in the countryside since many years or spas offering wellness packages seeped in traditional therapies.

Spas for men

Men comprise of a large chunk of regular spa visitors. They are particular about visiting a spa during travel, mostly for relaxation. Spas meant to cater to their needs will boom in the coming years, realizing the importance of retaining their large customer base.

Belly Bars

Belly bars are basically barbells that are made for the navel piercing. Like other pieces of body jewelry, these bars come in a variety of lengths and gauges so that you can personalize your piercing as much as possible. There are very small bars or those that are a bit bigger and more noticeable that you can change out depending on your activity and the style that you wish to achieve.

In the last few years belly bars have become a lot more ornate. In the past they were quite simple and understated but now they are offered in many different colors, finishes, and materials. Additionally, the belly bars themselves are more ornate as the balls on the ends that keep them in place are now very colorful, they can have logos on them, they may be cones, spikes, squares, and more. This allows for a very personalized appearance, making the jewelry even more fun to wear.

Belly bars are simply a lot of fun to wear. Whether you are wearing them just for yourself or you want them to be out there and seen by all those that you come in contact with, you will love the different shapes, styles, and materials that you can use to make the piercing even better. Rhinestones and your favorite logos will allow you to personalize the experience even more, so be sure that you check out all of the new and interesting items that are always hitting the market.

A nice thing about belly bars is that they are easy to take in and out. Most of them have screw on balls (or cones, etc) on the ends that make them easy to remove so you can change out the bars anytime you want. If you have those that are more ornate you can easily put them in on those special occasions and then replace them when you get back to every day life. A navel piercing really can evolve with your every day life with jewelry that is so interchangeable and dynamic!

Disaster Beauty Spa Experience

The problems with this place started even before I hopped in my car. There were a couple of not too favorable reviews which I had not paid that much attention to (I was hooked by their photos) and when I called to book my appointment I was advised by the curt receptionist that all appointments require a mandatory initial consult of $200.

Huh? Nothing on their website mentioned anything about having to first book a consult before a treatment. “The fee is halved if you book your treatment immediately after – the owner is the best skin guru in the state” she reassured me.

OK, fair enough, but then make sure your website carries a consistent message. Not feeling warm and fuzzy about this place so far, I still went ahead and booked the appointment.

When I arrived, the spa was in a surprising location – not quite the high end location they made out to be on their website. The spa itself felt cramped and over cluttered to me. Another red flag.

I was ushered into a shoebox sized room surrounded by glaring lights and mirrors (make no mistake you could see every mark, line and blemish on my skin.)

In less than 10 seconds (a record for me), one of the hardest and most manipulative up-sells I’ve ever witnessed began.

It went something like this:

“Gosh, you have some lines in your forehead, you should really be getting Botox there.”

Huh? I’d never noticed them before but I sure did now.

She then proceeded to put my skin under an even harsher lamp and a magnifier pointing out, inch my inch, everywhere I had issues. The list was so long that by the time the ordeal was over I felt like the only proper thing to do was wear a paper bag over my head anytime I’m in public.

Then, she came in for the kill.

They could custom tailor a specific program to address my clearing lacking skin for a series of weekly treatments that would cost me a mere $10,000.

I excused myself and couldn’t get out of the place fast enough. I don’t care if they are miracle workers, the way they conduct their business is entirely unethical in my view.

As an advertising copywriter, I am well aware of the power that lies in marketing and how the right words can compel someone to take action, or not. Understanding these psychological triggers and what compels people to buy is how I make my living. It’s also the reason why I refuse to accept a private client whose products and services I don’t 100% believe in and know people would be much better off by having. I have said no to casinos, tobacco companies and financial advisors who didn’t dare invest their own money in the funds they bought for their clients.

I choose to use my marketing powers for good.

This company chose to use its powers for bad: by employing sales techniques that were blatantly manipulative and highly pressured.