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Belly Bars

Belly bars are basically barbells that are made for the navel piercing. Like other pieces of body jewelry, these bars come in a variety of lengths and gauges so that you can personalize your piercing as much as possible. There are very small bars or those that are a bit bigger and more noticeable that you can change out depending on your activity and the style that you wish to achieve.

In the last few years belly bars have become a lot more ornate. In the past they were quite simple and understated but now they are offered in many different colors, finishes, and materials. Additionally, the belly bars themselves are more ornate as the balls on the ends that keep them in place are now very colorful, they can have logos on them, they may be cones, spikes, squares, and more. This allows for a very personalized appearance, making the jewelry even more fun to wear.

Belly bars are simply a lot of fun to wear. Whether you are wearing them just for yourself or you want them to be out there and seen by all those that you come in contact with, you will love the different shapes, styles, and materials that you can use to make the piercing even better. Rhinestones and your favorite logos will allow you to personalize the experience even more, so be sure that you check out all of the new and interesting items that are always hitting the market.

A nice thing about belly bars is that they are easy to take in and out. Most of them have screw on balls (or cones, etc) on the ends that make them easy to remove so you can change out the bars anytime you want. If you have those that are more ornate you can easily put them in on those special occasions and then replace them when you get back to every day life. A navel piercing really can evolve with your every day life with jewelry that is so interchangeable and dynamic!