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Stress Free Weekend With Spa

Spa treatments are those pampering services rendered by professional therapists in a relaxing environment of a facility. Clients frequent this place mainly to get their body immersed in a relaxing experience through massages, thermal treatments, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and body cleansing procedures. After the full session of any spa treatment, the client will eventually feel relaxed and sound balanced-the quality of being that is very much unlike their workaholic self.

Contrary to the popular belief, spa treatments are not basically for aesthetic purposes. In fact, the history of spa therapies can be traced back to ancient civilizations that use alternative medicine to cure several forms of illness in humans. This is especially true with massages and hydrotherapy. They are initially intended to provide relief to stressed joints and even mental stress.

Perhaps the most popular spa service these days is the massage therapy. Without a doubt, it has soothed a number of stressed clients with just a few strokes of the therapist’s hands. The therapy normally involves the kneading of the muscles in order to release the tensions or soothe the area that is prone to stress. Two of the well-known massage styles that are being practiced today are the Swedish and Thai massages. Often the effects of massage therapies are positive which include the increased blood circulation, improved flexibility and mental stability.

Aromatherapy is another specialty spa treatment that is highly favored by spa regulars. Here, the client is offered an aromatic massage using fragrant oils extracted from plants. As the term might suggests, the therapy is performed to allow the smell of the fragrant oils to soothe the client through inhalation. This unique form of therapy is said to alleviate physical and mental stress in most people.

Hot spring and sauna bathing are among the other services that can be enjoyed in a spa center. These spa therapies are actually performed as customary activities in some Asian regions, particularly in Japan. Today, they are incorporated to the regular services of the spa centers. With hot spring baths, the clients are treated to a pampering thermal therapy using the hot water from the springs. On the other hand, saunas are those baths that involve a spell in a hot steamy room followed by a plunge into the cold water. Both bathing facilities are usually not private, much like the public baths in some popular regions.

Still other examples of spa services are those that involve body wraps. In order to give warmth to the body, plastic and linen are used to cover the client’s body for several minutes. Mud wraps are also being used in spa treatments, although they are more prominent in day spas as beauty regimens.

Effects Pollution for Looks

Everyone is worried about what modern technology is doing to us. This is especially true in cities, where car exhaust, industries and waste disposal facilities spew pollutants into the air.

Of you live or work in a city, the dirt you notice settling on your skin, hair and clothes may make you wonder about the contamination you can’t see. There’s evidence that city pollution can affect health – and that’s of primary concern to scientists and lay people alike. Many individuals also worry about the impact of environmental ills on appearance. But, surprisingly, scant research has been done on the subject. Until scientists focus on the effects of bad air and water on looks, the jury remains out. In the interim, it’s wise to adopt some defensive beauty techniques of your own.


Pollution settles on the skin almost the same way it settles on the windshield of a car. Some fairly potent acids in the atmosphere of large cities may act like a chemical peel on skin, slowly dissolving and breaking down the stratum corneum, or outermost layer. As a result, this important layer is less able to protect against harmful bacteria and other environmental culprits and could make skin and body more vulnerable to irritants and infections.

“City pollution is a problem,” agrees Jerome Z. Litt, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. “It gets on exposed skin and hair and greases them up, creating an excessive amount of oil that can cause blemishes and make hair limp.”

Adds Paul Lazar, M.D., professor of clinical dermatology at Northwestern University School of Medicine, “What may happen is that air pollution in major cities may create a ‘mini-greenhouse effect’, trapping warm air and contributing to increased heat and humidity. The result is that you perspire more and end up with more oil and dirt on the skin’s surface.”

He adds, “The only pollution I know of that’s toxic to looks involves serious chemical leaks, like dioxin, which can cause acne if it gets on skin. But this could only come from, say, the derailing of a train with chemical taker cars. You don’t have to worry about dioxin while walking down a city street.”

Experts are still examining the effects of environmental nasties such as exhaust-produced sulfurous acid on skin and hair, but most scientists concur: Pollution, no matter what its source, puts more dirt into the atmosphere. And dirt can wreak havoc with your looks.

The solutions, says Robert M. Bernstein, associate professor in clinical dermatology, Columbia University, are simple:

Wash your face often, using a soap or cleanser that’s suited to you skin type.

Avoid alcohol-based products that interfere with the protective stratum corneum.

Don’t clog pores with oily products.

And have bumps and blackheads treated by a dermatologist.

In some instances, acne is triggered by touching your hands to your face during a hectic workday, or keeping cosmetics on for long stretches without giving skin a breather.

Last but not least, don’t overlook the protective power of sunscreen. Although your darker pigmentation gives you some extra protection against the skin cancer-causing, ultra-violet rays of the sun, the fact is that unremitting pollution is depleting the protective ozone layer of the atmosphere, thus letting more and more ultra-violet rays penetrate.

According to Joseph P. Bark, chairman of dermatology at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kentucky, Miami Taxi-drivers often develop skin cancer on their left arms, as a result of driving with that arm leaning out of the rolled-down window. “The same risk is probably true for drivers in any potent-sun region,” says Bark.


Even hair can’t escape pollution fall-out. Urban life makes hair dirtier and greasier, requiring more frequent cleansings; in fact, frequent washing should be the norm in heavily-polluted areas.

Also helpful: alcohol-free styling lotions that act as a buffer between hair and pollutants in the air.


Eyes are especially vulnerable to pollution, which can cause redness, itchiness and discomfort. “Particles of sulfurous acid from exhausts and other common city pollutants dissolve in the tear film,” explains Richard Koplin, director of the eye trauma center at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. People with an existing ocular problem or who wear contact lenses are even more prone to irritation since their eyes are usually more sensitive.

Pollution is hard on anyone who’s getting older, but particularly on women. As estrogen diminishes, so, too, does the eye’s natural tear film, making it easier for toxic materials to accumulate. Contact-lens wearers should try to use their lenses for shorter periods of time to prevent irritation.

Get Advantages Using Night Cream

According to studies, your skin can take inactive ingredients more effectively in night hours compared to day hours. During your sleep hours, the skin’s cell regeneration power also increases significantly. The sleeping time creams are essential beauty products specifically created to provide your face the nourishment it needs and repair damaged skin cells.

Without further ado, let’s check out the top benefits:

  1. It moisturizes dry areas of your face and ensures your skin remains hydrated.
  2. It gives your face even complexion and enhanced texture
  3. It fights signs of aging skin. The fine lines and wrinkles on your face will be largely reduced. Your face will look younger over regular usage.
  4. It replenishes the elasticity in your skin
  5. It nourishes your skin and renew damaged cells
  6. Your skin gets softer
  7. It improves blood circulation in skin cells
  8. It relaxes the skin
  9. It increases the collagen level in your facial skin
  10. It helps fight sagging skin

Selecting the right product that suits your skin tone is crucial. Below are a few selection tips:

  • When choosing a night cream for yourself, ensure that the cream is not too thick.
  • A thick nighttime cream clogs your skin pores. It becomes difficult for your skin to breathe.
  • Whenever you choose a night cream, ensure it is fragrance-free and is also hypoallergenic
  • Cleanse your face properly before you applying.
  • Now, take a pea-sized amount of the cream and make dots all over the face using a finger.
  • Next, blend the cream gently. Give your face a massage so the skin can absorb the cream properly.

Don’t apply it on eyelids or else it can cause burning or irritation in eyes.

Outdoor Spas

Spas come in a wide range of sizes. There are small, intimate spas that are designed for one person or a couple to enjoy privacy on a lovely night. You can opt for large spas that can accommodate a number of people. These can be great to use during gatherings. As a consumer, you should decide on the size of the spa based on how it will be used.

Another factor that can influence your decision is your preference for a regular hot tub or one with several features, such as rotating jets and massage devices. You have the choice on the number of jets and where to locate them. There are some models that let you choose even the type of seating for the spa. Other models come with built-in lights, among other accessories. Models that have extra features will definitely be more expensive. However, the extra cost might be worth investing in the add-ons, depending on what you want.

Lastly, spas are available in several different styles and shapes. You have to know way ahead of time if you like the spa to stand on its own or fit in your deck, since this will let you decide on the most suitable shape and style.

Other than purchasing the spa, you will need some accessories to go with it. An important one is the spa cover. You can choose from several different kinds of covers. There is an insulated type that contains heat when it is not being used. There is also a type that is durable enough to hold a person’s body weight as he walks on it. These different covers come in a wide range of prices so it is easy to decide what meets your needs.

Be Relax and Unwind With Luxury Spa

Planning your spa day. A typical day spa package might include a full body massage, a facial and nail care, which could cost around $400 or more, not including lunch or the 15 -20% gratuity. But, there are ways to have a full day at the spa while spending much less. Did you know that most full service spas have jacuzzi, saunas and steams rooms available for use by guests with a minimum treatment requirement? Let’s say you book one service for $75-150, and spend the rest of the day in the hot tub, steam room and sauna. You can even relax in a quiet room and read a book. Some spas rather than having a minimum treatment requirement may just charge a minimum fee for visitors to use the spa only. Verify the minimum treatment and spa use only policy with the spa you are interested in visiting.

When to go? Many spas offer discounts and promotions for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. These are the busiest times, so it is best to book during the week and during the day if you can. Some spas also offer special discount membership programs that could result in significant discounts for the avid spa visitor.

Where to go? Before choosing a spa, get recommendations from friends and coworkers who frequent spas in your area. If possible, make an appointment to tour the facility. Find out if there is adequate parking? It is free, metered, and/or validated by the spa? Find out the hours of operation, and how long guests can hang out in the spa before and after treatments? This is important to know because if the spa closes at 9pm and you book a 50 minute appointment that begins at 8pm, that only gives you ten minutes to get showered and dressed to go home. If you want time to truly unwind at the spa, either schedule your appointment earlier, or arrive an hour or so early to relax before the treatment.

What treatments to choose? Do you want a body treatment or a facial? Body treatments include massage, body wraps and wet room treatments. If you need to release stress, either a basic massage or facial would suffice. But, if you want invigorating or detoxifying skin treatments; herbal and mud wraps wonderful. The wet room is one of my favorite places to unwind, but it is not for the shy or faint hearted. Wet room treatments involve a technician scrubbing and bathing your body on a massage table while the warm soothing water from the Vichy showers flow from overhead. It’s like taking a shower in a rain forest.

Warning: Before choosing these or any service let the booking agent know if you or your guest is pregnant or has any allergies, skin or medical conditions. There are certain products that have what are called contra indicators; chemicals and substances that are known to cause skin irritations under certain medical and chemical conditions. Let the technician know if you are using Retin A products or other treatments prescribed by a doctor. Also before booking a service determine if you or your guest has any known phobias; for instance, if the person does not like to be touched anywhere but on the hands and feet, don’t book services for a full body massage, body wraps or scrubs, not even a facial. If a person is claustrophobic or whose body is prone to overheating, do not book a body wrap. And while at the spa, please heed warnings signs posted near the steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs for those who have heart conditions or are prone to overheating.

Get Perfect Tan Safely

Shop the right sunscreen

There are numerous sunscreen products available out there in form of lotion, gel, and spray. You need to choose your sunblock smartly to ensure effective sun protection. Sunscreen with SPF30 filters 97% of UVB rays, while products with SPF50 filter 98% of UVB rays. For dark Indian skin, SPF15 makes a right choice. In addition to SPF value, look for the phrase ‘broad-spectrum’ while selecting your sunscreen product. We highly recommend Day-Light Protection Sun Screen SPF 50 by Neogen Dermalogy and Sun Protection Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 34 Sunscreen by Shiseido.

Don’t over do

You need not spend hours and hours at a poolside or at a beach to get that dark brown tan. Consistent exposure to the sun in peak hours, mostly between 10 am and 4 pm, can damage your skin and dehydrate your body. You should not spend more than 2-3 hours in the sun. Restricting your tanning time will help you get a beautiful tan without raising the risk of UV damage.

Get even tan

While out in the sun, make sure you turn your body at every 15-30 minutes or keep moving around so as to get even tanning all over your body. You certainly don’t want to have multiple colors on your body. Have an umbrella with you all the time so you can seek some shade whenever needed. Take breaks in between to avoid the risk of sunburns and get the longer lasting suntan.

Always wear summer accessories

Carry your sunglasses, hat, and umbrella to protect your delicate body parts from the harmful effects of UV rays. And make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Get Health Of Spa Treatments

Blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is needed for adequate function of the body. Spa treatments ensure that your blood circulation is intact and free from clogs. Instead of going for expensive medical treatments, undergo a relaxing spa course at an established spa center. Their trainers are well equipped with massage techniques as they have been trained through certified spa courses.

Serotonin release

Serotonin is considered as one of the main ‘feel good’ hormones. Spa training institutes, while giving lessons to their candidates, make them aware of the touch points which simulate the flow of serotonin. You mind, body and soul will be transported to a wondrous journey of relaxations and serenity. Everything will be in harmony once you come out of treatment.

Fight cramps

If you are a fitness fanatic, you know the risks of overtraining and cramps. Undergoing a spa treatment will help you to fight cramps and get the blood and energy flowing again. It will help you fight muscle tension with the help of expert therapists who have undergone rigorous training in cosmetology training schools. You can be rest assured that your body and health is in the best hands with certified trainers.

Glowing Hands

Make a scrub of lemon and sugar and rub on the hands till all the sugar granules melt. The sugar granules should not be very fine. Scrub for 10-15minutes and wash off with cold water.

A pack of milk, lemon and cucumber are great to lighten the skin tone of hands. Take 2tsp raw or unboiled milk, 1tsp lemon juice and 2 tsp cucumber juice. Massage the hands with this mixture and leave for 10 minutes before washing off with cold water.

Turmeric is known to lighten the complexion and make skin glow. Make a pack of sandalwood and turmeric powder and rub on your hands. Leave for 15 minutes and then soak your hands in cold water. Rub your hands while removing the pack.

Papaya is a great ingredient to give a wrinkle free flawless skin. Make a paste of green papaya and rub on the hands for 15minutes.Wipe off hands with a damp warm hotel. This treatment will give instantly fair looking hands.

Oatmeal, tomato, and yogurt make for a quick skin lightening pack. Oatmeal helps in scrubbing off dead skin while yogurt moisturizes the skin. Tomato juice helps in lightening the complexion. Make a paste of all three-2tbs each and rub on the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Honey and lemon juice work wonders to give lightened skin tone. Make a mixture of 2tbsp milk powder with 1 tbsp honey and 1tbsp lemon juice. Apply on the hands and leave for 15-20minutes. Clean the pack with a warm damp cloth.

Potatoes are found in every household. Potato juice helps in lightening the skin tone, thus giving it a fairer look. Peel a potato ad cut thin slices. Rub the potato slices on the hands, concentrating on darkened areas. Leave the juice for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Everyday use gives excellent results.

Orange is rich in Vitamin C that helps in lightening the complexion and making the skin glow. Make a scrub out of the orange peel and mix with raw milk. Apply the paste on the hands and leave for 20minutes. Remove the pack with a damp cloth to reveal tan free hands.

Hands too need oil massage to keep their moisture locked in. Prepare an oil blend using an adequate amount of olive oil and 2inch of licorice root. Heat the mixture and cool it until luke warm. Massage your hands with this oil blend for 10-12minues. Soak a clean cloth in warm water and remove excess oil from the hands. This will make the hands soft and supple with continued use.

Skincare Is Not Just for Face

Skincare for the Body

Most skincare products are either used on the face or the body. This is because the facial complexion usually has different needs than the rest of the skin. For example, a rich, hydrating formula that will smooth those rough patches on the feet will probably clog pores and result in breakouts on the face. By the same token, ingredients used to tighten skin and stimulate collagen production on the face won’t provide much benefit on the legs and arms. You will more than likely need separate skincare product for your face and the rest of your body.

What to Look for in Body Skincare

Skincare products for the rest of your body should serve a dual purpose; hydrating dry skin and protecting it from further damage. A moisturizer with an SPF offers both benefits in a single formula, allowing for greatest convenience and value.

However, body skincare can also offer other advantages, such as diminishing the look of cellulite and stretch marks, or tightening flabby skin on problem areas like the stomach and buttocks. Like your facial skincare, look for products that address your specific needs and skin type.

PCA Skin

PCA Skin is one of the few skincare companies that offer products to be used on both the face and body. Perfecting Face and Body Hydrator is a perfect example, with a formula rich in sun protection and the ability to treat a host of skin imperfections. PCA Skin is a leading company in the development of both professional and home skincare, and it specializes in peels and advanced topical solutions to address a wide variety of needs.

La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay provides some excellent, hydrating formulas to care for all of the skin. Their Lipikar Body Balm is particularly effective on problem areas where dry, flaky skin can develop. The product is potent enough to only require one application a day to see desired results, without leaving an oily or greasy residue on the skin. This moisturizer can be used in combination with the Lipikar Bath Oil for greatest moisturizing benefit.


Rodial may offer one of the best lines in body care, with formulas that do everything from tighten the tummy to erase stretch marks. Most of the body care products are very precise in their treatments, although a few, like the Powder Body Buff and Crème de la Crème, are designed to work on the whole body. Rodial products contain high quality ingredients that work to sculpt and tone the body through topical solutions.

Info of Spa Meditation

Day spa

Starting from half an hour treatments to full day treatments, a day spa is the place to head to if you are looking at a quick break from your routine. These spas do not offer accommodation and are sited at stand alone locations, or shopping centers, airports, and hotels. The menu generally offers the classic European facial, therapeutic body massage, body wraps, plus hand and foot treatments. Some others also offer hair treatments. Any hair or beauty salon, health center or wellness clinic, which provides a minimum of one hydrotherapy treatment comes under the day spa.

Mobile spa

Fast gaining popularity, mobile spas are ‘come home’ spas. They offer their services at a venue of your convenience and are a great way to enjoy a relaxing massage I the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can treat yourself and a group of friends to the luxury of a spa treatment.

Destination spa

Apart from focusing on the treatments and therapies, a destination spa also carefully chooses its location, so as to offer the benefits of a complete retreat for its customers. The scenic locales that generally house a destination spa complement the state of your mind. These spas are known to offer holistic treatments including a spa cuisine, total health and fitness, and rejuvenating therapies including acupuncture, aromatherapy, detox, body tanning and body wraps. It is a center to interact with like minded and fitness conscious people where guidance is offered on lifestyle improvement, meditation and overall well being.

Eco spa

These are meant for environment conscious populace. They concentrate on using eco friendly substances for treatments and therapies apart from displaying eco friendliness in everything from the building material to the cleaning systems used. Eco spas may also support environment projects such as water harvesting plants, lighting projects and are known to use eco friendly water.

Mineral health spa

Minerals have been known as the source of life since time immemorial. Abundantly strewn with medicinal properties, mineral water helps in rebuilding worn out muscles, expediting metabolism, and accelerating the healing process by improving blood circulation and detoxifying the body. Typically located within a hotel or a resort, a mineral health spa allows access to the miraculous water either on a daily basis or more frequently.

Medical spa

Apart from the regular spa therapies, a medical spa offers preventive healthcare, cosmetic procedures, conventional and modern medicine under the direction of reputed medical professionals. Weight maintenance therapies, skin and hair care therapies, and hair removal treatments are also a part of a medical spa. Weeklong programs are often carried out to help varied requirements including quitting smoking.