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Info of Spa Meditation

Day spa

Starting from half an hour treatments to full day treatments, a day spa is the place to head to if you are looking at a quick break from your routine. These spas do not offer accommodation and are sited at stand alone locations, or shopping centers, airports, and hotels. The menu generally offers the classic European facial, therapeutic body massage, body wraps, plus hand and foot treatments. Some others also offer hair treatments. Any hair or beauty salon, health center or wellness clinic, which provides a minimum of one hydrotherapy treatment comes under the day spa.

Mobile spa

Fast gaining popularity, mobile spas are ‘come home’ spas. They offer their services at a venue of your convenience and are a great way to enjoy a relaxing massage I the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can treat yourself and a group of friends to the luxury of a spa treatment.

Destination spa

Apart from focusing on the treatments and therapies, a destination spa also carefully chooses its location, so as to offer the benefits of a complete retreat for its customers. The scenic locales that generally house a destination spa complement the state of your mind. These spas are known to offer holistic treatments including a spa cuisine, total health and fitness, and rejuvenating therapies including acupuncture, aromatherapy, detox, body tanning and body wraps. It is a center to interact with like minded and fitness conscious people where guidance is offered on lifestyle improvement, meditation and overall well being.

Eco spa

These are meant for environment conscious populace. They concentrate on using eco friendly substances for treatments and therapies apart from displaying eco friendliness in everything from the building material to the cleaning systems used. Eco spas may also support environment projects such as water harvesting plants, lighting projects and are known to use eco friendly water.

Mineral health spa

Minerals have been known as the source of life since time immemorial. Abundantly strewn with medicinal properties, mineral water helps in rebuilding worn out muscles, expediting metabolism, and accelerating the healing process by improving blood circulation and detoxifying the body. Typically located within a hotel or a resort, a mineral health spa allows access to the miraculous water either on a daily basis or more frequently.

Medical spa

Apart from the regular spa therapies, a medical spa offers preventive healthcare, cosmetic procedures, conventional and modern medicine under the direction of reputed medical professionals. Weight maintenance therapies, skin and hair care therapies, and hair removal treatments are also a part of a medical spa. Weeklong programs are often carried out to help varied requirements including quitting smoking.

Essential Vitamins For Beautiful Body

Vitamins are substances that are not produced directly within the body but yet are necessary for its proper function. Different organisms require different vitamins, and the function of specific vitamins may vary from organism to organism. Humans require 13 different vitamins, all of which can be gotten from the foods that we eat. We require very small amounts of vitamins for the body to function correctly.

There are 2 different types of vitamins – those that are fat-soluble and those that are water-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins B (most of the 8 types of B vitamins) and C, are easily dissolved in water and pass through the human body quickly, with anything not used immediately by the body excreted via urine. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored by the body for up to several months and used when needed. Vitamins A, D, E and K are all fat-soluble vitamins.

Throughout history, before the discovery of vitamins, different societies have been aware of the connection between our health and the foods that we eat. A great and often-cited example is the problem of scurvy aboard sailing vessels during the 1700’s and before. We now know that scurvy is caused by a deficiency in vitamin C, however at the time there were several different theories as to its cause. Some societies thought the disease was due to a lack of proper exercise when aboard a ship for months at a time. Others thought it more the effect of contaminated food. A Scottish surgeon, James Lind, identified in 1753 that it was the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables aboard ship that was causing the disease. The British Royal Navy listened to Doctor Lind, and started carrying limes and lemons aboard their ships. Scurvy was eliminated as a problem for the Royal Navy, and English sailors acquired the nickname ‘limey’.

Why Do Humans Need Vitamins?

Each vitamin has specific functions within the body. Some work as hormones (Vitamin D) and others function as antioxidants (Vitamin E). Others, such as the B vitamins, function as catalysts for metabolism. If a body does not get the required amount of vitamins, the areas where the vitamins work will be harmed, and the person may also develop a deficiency disease, such as scurvy in the case of a Vitamin C deficiency. Each vitamin has a very specific deficiency disease. What is the function of each vitamin needed by humans?

  • Vitamin A – Essential for good night vision and color vision, and regulates tissue and cell growth.
  • Vitamin B (8 types) – Needed for the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body. Essential for the maintenance of good metabolism.
  • Vitamin C – Aids in healing and muscle health, and also fortifies the immune system.
  • Vitamin D – Needed for strong bones and teeth, and also helps in the absorption of calcium.
  • Vitamin E – Good for healthy tissues in eyes, skin and liver.
  • Vitamin K – Necessary for the blood to clot properly.

Slim Body in Just a Week

Drink as much as water you can. Water is very important for your body. You need to drink a lot of water to flush out the toxic substances from your body. This will help to eliminate the unwanted toxins and thereby reducing your weight. Many people have a misconception that drinking water will make them fat. However, this is an entirely wrong perception. Water does not contain any calories, so it will not augment your weight. However, this can renew your body by taking out the unwanted toxic substances.

It is advised to start your day with a glass of water. You can also take water before and after taking your meals. Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid eating more of carbohydrates. Sweets and chocolates are the two major things that augment your size. Never starve to lose your weight. You need to eat food nutritious food and do regular exercise to get rid of the excess fat in your body. Simply, starvation will not work. Healthy food and regular exercise will help you to gain a well structured body.

You can get a slim body easily but to maintain that is very difficult. Natural techniques are the perfect solution to get a good body structure. They will not harm you in any way.

Body Wraps

The most popular of these wraps are sold through It Works representatives and sells for about $25. The wraps are said to tone, firm, and tighten skin in as little as 45 minutes with progressive results in 72 hours. You can place the wrap on problem areas such as your stomach, back, arms, thighs, and chin/neck. However, there is a separate applicator for your face. It is recommended that you consume a lot of water (at least half of your body weight in ounces) while the wrap is on and during the 72 hours that follow. You also are not to eat while using the wrap.

The wrap detoxifies fat cells in your body, essentially causing them to shrink and expel the toxins. Most women claim to have lost two to ten inches with just one application. However, physicians warn that results should be viewed only as temporary and state that each body will react differently to the treatment. One woman reported no results, but was told that this was due to her medical history and the medication she currently was taking for her thyroid condition. According to WebMD, wraps are a great way to kick start a weight loss program, but must be maintained through more treatments or healthy diet and exercise.

Spa Treatments

Traditionally, body wraps have been done in spas and were first done with linen cloth. Treatments can cost anywhere from $85 to $125 depending on the spa and what type of treatment you decide upon. While some body wraps focus on promoting relaxation and in depth hydration, others, like their do-it-yourself counterparts, also boast to detoxify, slim, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Body wraps that use algae, seaweed, mud or clay are treatments to detoxify the body and help to remove toxins through metabolic stimulation. Body wraps that utilize shea butter and rich lotions are hydrating treatments geared towards softening the skin.

The atmosphere of a spa is a little different than that of your house – well maybe. Most spas feature darkened rooms with flickering candles. Soft, calming music plays in the background and probably just a hint of lavender or some other relaxing scent will linger in the air. Some spas will start off with a body scrub. Then, the remedy will be applied to your skin and you will be wrapped in a thermal blanket or plastic to help keep you warm. After about thirty minutes, it is common that you will be asked to rinse and lotion applied. Many recommend going to a spa in which a massage therapist administers the product. Estheticians will apply product to your skin, however, massage therapists often incorporate massage techniques into their application.

Useful Tricks Remove Stretch Marks

No matter which cream you choose, there is one important principle you need to consider. In order to remove those unattractive marks naturally you have to take preventive steps ahead of time. Most women prefer to only deal with the problem once their baby is born, but the best thing to do is to start applying a professional cream that includes all natural ingredients, from the third month of pregnancy.

Red stretch marks, or even the colorless ones, occur as a result of massive changes happening in your body. The transformations that take place are incredible and wonderful – the stretches are just a side effect that can be easily treated as long as you’re aware of it, and act from the very beginning to remove stretch marks quickly.

The great news is that most women who take precautionary measures are usually capable of preventing any kind of permanent skin damage. Of course the skin will stretch once you get pregnant, but they can be removed before you even notice them by thinking ahead. You would be amazed to see how effective these preventive treatments are!

From applying a good cream, drinking lots of water, keeping your skin hydrated, to eating lots of food rich in vitamins A,C and E – these are the methods that will help you remove stretch marks quickly.

Tummy Tuck

Generally who undergoes a tummy tuck surgery is quite often a woman who has given birth and developed stretch marks and saggy or loose skin on her abdomen. Apart from this situation, other women choose this surgery if they have gone through a caesarean section, or those who may have scars on their lower abdomen.

Others who frequently reap benefits from it are those who have lost a lot of body weight. Due to their huge weight-loss, these individuals are usually left with excessive folds of saggy skin on their stomach region. This may cause depression among people who end up in such a situation and therefore this surgery is an ideal solution for this situation. It also helps in boosting confidence of people and stops them from regaining their lost weight.

A tummy tuck scar commonly goes horizontally from hip to hip above the pubic area. The cosmetic surgeon who is commonly a cosmetic/plastic surgeon tries his best to make sure that only a small scare remains on the abdomen area to be noticed. People, especially women don’t like to have any type of scars on their body. For that reason the cosmetic surgeon will do his utmost to make sure the scar that’s remaining is as least visible as possible.

It’s vital that people who have decided to undergo this surgery should be aware of the fact that there will be a scar on their abdomen. This is a major surgery and therefore the scar will be visible to naked eyes. However, this problem can be resolved to a great extent if you choose the best cosmetic surgeon, who knows how to handle the scar problem. Tummy tuck surgery is generally performed on healthy people who aren’t suffering from any major illness.

Bogus Beauty Treatments

Beauty queen and former Elvis love Priscilla Presley, now 62, famously made headlines when she visited a doctor who injected her with “low-grade silicon” he had smuggled into the US. It is thought the silicon was fabricated to grease auto parts, not plump up aging women’s faces.

The latest hype about the latest trendy product makes news headlines, and those in the know want to be first. However, they are also often the first to discover that the treatments don’t really work, or that the small benefit they get is not worth the hefty price tag. Here are a few that have either extremely temporary benefits, or none at all…

* Oxygen Facial. Can putting a bit of oxygen on your face really make your skin look fresh, younger and rejuvenated? Well, Hollywood actresses jumping on the oxygen facial bandwagon say yes; scientists say no. There is no real evidence that squirting atomized moisturizers, or those infused with oxygen, can have any beneficial effects whatsoever – except on the wallet of the person doing the squirting!

* Seaweed Wraps. Supposedly they can help you get rid of excess poundage by drawing out impurities from your body and helping with fluid retention. The ocean slime is wrapped around your body and your skin is detoxified as the mineral-rich seaweed draws out fluid from our cells. So you may lose some water, but will quickly put it back on. Might was well just not drink anything for a few days!

* Tua Viso Non Surgical Facelift. This facial exerciser works with a 9-volt battery to exercise the face so you don’t have to, much like an abdominizer supposedly does to your tummy. But it has little scientific evidence to back it up, and many who have tried it say it does nothing.

* Rodial Bum Lift. A topical cream that promises an “instant fix” to make your bum look smaller, including reducing 32 percent of cellulite and altering the appearance of wrinkles. But results are temporary, and you need “at least six treatments” for anything more permanent. So why is it advertised as being “instant”?

* Smooth Away hair remover. Kind of like sandpaper to buff away unwanted hair and make skin soft and smooth. Unfortunately, feels like sandpaper too – and leaves most of the hair right where it was. Also can make skin feel rough and sore.

Some Tricks Body Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic. When applied to the acne, it kills bacteria and dries out the pimples without being too harsh on your skin. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you can also mix it in with some olive oil and then apply it to your acne. Just ensure that you are not applying the oil all over your skin, rather you are spot treating the pimples.

Green Tea Rinse

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. Apart from its gazillion other benefits. It can help you treat acne easily and effectively. Drinking 2 cups of green tea a day will help reduce inflammation in the body which will eventually lead to minimized acne. You can also use green tea as a toner for the regions which break out the most. Just prepare some green tea and store it in a spray bottle. Every time after you shower, spray it all over your body.

Baking Soda Scrub

This scrub is potent so you need to ensure that you are not using it more than once a week. It contains a high concentration of alkaline and can be too rough for your skin if used excessively. Mix two tbsp. of baking soda with water until it forms a thick paste. Apply it to the areas affected by acne and gently scrub away the dirt and dead skin cells. Make sure to use a light hand when doing this.

Honey and Turmeric Mask

Honey moisturizes the skin and turmeric helps with controlled sebum production, brightens the skin and prevents scarring. Take 2 tbsp. of honey and a tsp. of turmeric. Mix the two together and apply it to your skin. Let it sit there for about 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice a week. Note that if these natural remedies didn’t work for you, you can always resort to professional acne treatments.

Milk of Magnesia

Did you know that milk of magnesia could cure body acne? Simply dab milk of magnesia on your acne daily. It will help balance the pH of your body, unclog the pores and reveal a clear looking skin within a few weeks.


You have probably heard of it before gazillion time. Yes, you have guessed it right. I am talking about the famous aspirin mask. Simply mix in a non-coated aspirin tablet with some water and apply it on your acne. Let it dry and wash off. Now, this is not something that you should be doing regularly but it works really well in an emergency.

Information of Upcoming Spa Trends

Infusion of zest for life

Whacky teenagers and growing adolescents need to be educated about healthful food, fitness, exercise and alternate medicine. Indulging them in a spa treatment could well trigger off the inception of a healthy lifestyle that would take them a long way. Hence parents pamper their kids with a spa experience.

Hospital spas

A hospital, after all, is a treatment centre. Integrating the alternative therapies of spas with the conventional allopathic treatments can speed up recovery in patients. Reasonable, quick spa treatments offered at the bedside of a patient initiate the patient towards better health, by relieving stress and raising spirits. Reflexology techniques used in the massage of particular parts heal specific areas of the deteriorating body. Manicures and pedicures making use of healing creams along with bedside hair wash and styling, and makeup application make the patient feel pampered and wanted. But having said this, it is necessary to keep the costs at a bare minimum to make these treatments affordable to patients.

Theme spas

People are preferring themes in almost everything that they indulge in. Be it parks, gardens or parties, theme is the way to go. So why not theme spas? Themed venues allow consumers to forget everyday worries and indulge themselves. This trend definitely cannot be overlooked.

Resort spas or retreat spas.

Destination spas are not new. For long, they have been conducting special week-wise seminars in various wellness categories such as yoga, ayurveda, special medical conditions such as arthritis etc. More resort spas will come up to cater to clients who need a getaway or a short break form everyday life. This trend will continue to garner support from patrons.

Fusion Spas

Spas that offer a mélange of trusted treatments are the next big thing. Some fusion treatments that have already found their way into spas are watsu (water and shiatsu), yogalates (yoga and pilates), and Thai massage (yoga and massage). Experts are expected to come up with a blend of more such treatments to enable clients reap benefits of all of them together.

Genuine spas

Spas that are deeply rooted in the local culture and traditions will see increased clients. Like Indian spas that offer authentic oil or herbal massages that have been practiced in the countryside since many years or spas offering wellness packages seeped in traditional therapies.

Spas for men

Men comprise of a large chunk of regular spa visitors. They are particular about visiting a spa during travel, mostly for relaxation. Spas meant to cater to their needs will boom in the coming years, realizing the importance of retaining their large customer base.

Belly Bars

Belly bars are basically barbells that are made for the navel piercing. Like other pieces of body jewelry, these bars come in a variety of lengths and gauges so that you can personalize your piercing as much as possible. There are very small bars or those that are a bit bigger and more noticeable that you can change out depending on your activity and the style that you wish to achieve.

In the last few years belly bars have become a lot more ornate. In the past they were quite simple and understated but now they are offered in many different colors, finishes, and materials. Additionally, the belly bars themselves are more ornate as the balls on the ends that keep them in place are now very colorful, they can have logos on them, they may be cones, spikes, squares, and more. This allows for a very personalized appearance, making the jewelry even more fun to wear.

Belly bars are simply a lot of fun to wear. Whether you are wearing them just for yourself or you want them to be out there and seen by all those that you come in contact with, you will love the different shapes, styles, and materials that you can use to make the piercing even better. Rhinestones and your favorite logos will allow you to personalize the experience even more, so be sure that you check out all of the new and interesting items that are always hitting the market.

A nice thing about belly bars is that they are easy to take in and out. Most of them have screw on balls (or cones, etc) on the ends that make them easy to remove so you can change out the bars anytime you want. If you have those that are more ornate you can easily put them in on those special occasions and then replace them when you get back to every day life. A navel piercing really can evolve with your every day life with jewelry that is so interchangeable and dynamic!